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Sixth Grade Teacher Cataldo Catholic School is currently seeking a full-time Sixth Grade Teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. Qualifications: An ideal candidate will possess a strong ability to: • Teach the fundamentals of literacy • Teach full classes, small groups, and individual students effectively • Guide instruction by the Common Core State Standards and the school’s Curriculum series • Collaborate with grade partner teacher • Communicate with parents and students about student’s progress; and adequately meet the student’s needs through re-teaching or enrichment opportunities. • Effectively conduct formal and informal assessments • Differentiate instruction • Maintain a positive attitude and willingness to take on challenges Requirements: • Valid Washington State Teaching Certificate or another state’s equivalent • Experience in a Catholic school is preferred Cataldo School Mission Cataldo Catholic School’s mission is to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth of all students. The school is an integral part of the ministry of the Catholic Church, in partnership with St. Augustine, Sacred Heart, and the Cathedral Of Our Lady of Lourdes. As a community, parents, staff and pastors collaborate to develop and implement an educational experience that enables students to integrate Catholic faith, Tradition, and values throughout their lives. Cataldo School Philosophy Cataldo Catholic School is a faith community the recognizes and supports “parents as the most influential agents of catechesis for their children.” The school community provides a Christ-like atmosphere where students develop their God-given potential and learn to respect the dignity of all. The community models the values and principles it instills in its students. Cataldo Catholic School provides research-based programs necessary for the growth of the whole child. To learn more about Cataldo, please visit cataldo.org. Qualified applicants: Please send a cover letter and a copy of your resume to Zack Cunningham, Principal: zcunningham@cataldo.org