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Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our students so that they may be inspired in faith and thrive academically. We are committed to ensuring our graduates are curious and thoughtful followers of Christ who use their passions to make a positive contribution to the world.


Cunningham, Zack.jpg

Zack Cunningham


Raske, Sara.jpg

Sara Raske

Vice Principal & Junior High Math

Jenni Niemann

Advancement Director

Hynes, Jerry.jpg

Jerry Hynes

Business Manager

Pelkie, Melissa.jpg

Melissa Pelkie

Office Manager

Schmid, Mary.jpg

Mary Schmid


Preschool & Cataldo Care

Gross, Stephanie.jpg

Stephanie Gross

Preschool Director
& 3 Year Old Lead Teacher

John, Kati.jpg

Kati John

3 Year Old Lead Teacher

Comella, Sarah.jpg

Sarah Comella

4 Year Old Lead Teacher

Wilner, Jenna.jpg

4 Year Old Lead Teacher

Jenna Wilner

Kuttner, Patti.jpg

Patti Kuttner


Ramirez, Alexis.jpg

Alexis Ramirez


Bulger, Jackson 2.jpg

Jackson Bulger

Green, Jeanna.jpg


Jeanna Green

Cataldo Care Director

K-5 Faculty

Muzatko, Melissa.jpg

Melissa Muzatko


Yochum, Lindsey.jpg

Lindsey Yochum


Lo, Kaylee.jpg

Kaylee Lo

First Grade

McCormick, Margaret.jpg

Margaret McCormick

First Grade

Hamill, Kelly.jpg

Kelly Hamill

Second Grade

Rowley, Bobbi.jpg

Bobbi Rowley

Second Grade

Rebstock, Tami.jpg

Tami Rebstock

Ryan, Jenn.jpg

Third Grade

Jennifer Ryan

Third Grade

Maucione, Janet.jpg

Janet Maucione

Fourth Grade

Myers, Rachael.jpg

Rachael Myers

Fourth Grade

Frantzich, Jennifer.jpg

Jennifer Frantzich

Lucas, Mindy.jpg

Fifth Grade

Mindy Lucas

Fifth Grade

Middle School Faculty

Bennett, Lisa.jpg

Lisa Bennett

Sixth Grade

Haley, Sarah.jpg

Sarah Haley

Seventh Grade

Young, Chris.jpg

Chris Young

Seventh Grade

Sims, Janelle.jpg

Janelle Sims

Eighth Grade

K-8 Specialists

Dodroe, Paul.jpg

Paul Dodroe

Eighth Grade


Elizabeth Lancaster


Gibson, Heather.jpg

Heather Gibson

Solberg, Jenna.jpg

Health & Fitness

Jenna Solberg

Music & Drama

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