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Tuition and Fees 2022-2023

Catholic schools were founded on a mission of accessibility.  Cataldo Catholic School is committed to honoring and embracing this mission. We strongly believe that no one seeking a faith-based education for their family should ever find Catholic education beyond their financial reach.


Cataldo Catholic School offers an outstanding educational experience for an exceptional value. With $350,000 of tuition assistance awarded to Cataldo families each year, we are committed to providing a Catholic education regardless of financial need. In fact, 25% of all Cataldo students receive tuition assistance. That's why we encourage you to apply. You can start by discussing various options with a member of our admissions team.


Each year the Board of Governors, Finance Committee, School Advisory Council, and the Principal undergo a diligent and thorough budgeting process.  Central to that is setting tuition for the following school year. Tuition increases are inevitable and necessary due to in the increase in operations expenses, such as the cost of employee benefits, rise in utilities, and proper technology and facility maintenance. Our goal is to keep the annual tuition increase between 3-5% each year.  This is done with careful planning, analysis, and consideration in order to be prudent stewards of our school’s finances. A sizable portion of the budget is committed to Tuition Assistance every year to ensure a Cataldo Catholic School education is available to all who desire it.


In addition to Cataldo’s resources, The Nazareth Guild strives to ensure access to Catholic schools in eastern Washington by providing tuition assistance grants to children and families based on income and other special circumstances.  All Cataldo families seeking financial assistance for tuition are required to apply for the Nazareth Guild Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) as the first step in the Cataldo Tuition Assistance program. The Nazareth Guild’s TAP partners with Cataldo and our families to fulfill the promise of a Catholic education.


Philanthropy - the generosity of our families and friends - makes up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of running the school. Cataldo holds three major fundraisers and all families are asked to participate in any way they can.  In addition, families are asked to volunteer 20 hours a year. Gifts of time, talent and treasure are deeply appreciated.

A Cataldo Catholic School education is an investment in your family’s future. We realize the level of commitment and sacrifice it may require. The total cost of educating one student at Cataldo is $9,362. This is compared to the $14,000 + that it costs the public schools in Washington to educate one child. We strive to be good stewards of the trust our families put in us, and we stretch our tuition dollars as best we can to keep Cataldo affordable.


There are many options available and we are willing to work with you to make a financial plan that best fits your family.  You may contact our admissions office at  if you have further questions.

Registration fees apply. Tuition Assistance is not available for
preschool students.
5 days
4 days
3 days

8am – 11am
8am – 2:30pm





Annual Tuition
8th Grade Fee
Application Fee
Registration Fee
per child
$125 for one child

$225 for two or more
Extended care is offered to preschool through 6th grade students that are enrolled at Cataldo Catholic School.  Before school care runs from 7:00am to 7:55am and after school care runs from 2:30pm to 5:00pm.  You must register at the front office in order to use to the service.  There is a $35 registration fee.  All fees are billed monthly.
Before School
Care Only

After School
Care Only

Before and After School Care

Drop In Care

a month
per child
a month
per child
a month
per child
per hour
per child


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