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Cataldo Catholic School
at St. Augustine

An outstanding choice for Catholic education in Spokane, serving preschool through eighth grade.

Welcome to Cataldo Catholic School

at St. Augustine

Cataldo offers a rigorous, values-driven education in a safe, joyful, Christ-centered learning environment. Each individual student's talents and gifts are developed to nurture personal worth and to instill a life of service to others.


Providing children with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, explore their passions, create community, strengthen their sense of self, and come to know God all in one place is the future of a dynamic Catholic education, and you will find that all here at Cataldo.




Parents of current preschooler
& second grader

Cataldo has been a great place for our boys to grow.  Solid, foundational education provided by enthusiastic teachers, who adapt well to changing circumstances (like virtual learning, and mask mandates).  Dedicated administrative team with vision, not only for dealing with upcoming challenges (like educational repercussions of a global pandemic), but for creating a school any parent would be proud to send their kids to.  We are privileged to be
at Cataldo.


Parents of current kindergartener & fourth grader 

We made the switch to Cataldo a year after moving to Spokane, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Even with the potential challenges of distance learning, classroom rearrangements, physical distancing, and a long list of things that made our first year anything but typical, Cataldo has proven to be an exceptional choice for our family.  There is a sincere commitment to strong family communication, excellence in academics, and the development of our children as unique individuals.   Our girls are thriving socially and academically, and for that we are incredibly grateful.  We have felt so welcomed by this community and look forward to many more years with our Cataldo family.  


Katy and Ed Bruya
Alumnus & parents of
current student


We moved our son to Cataldo in 7th grade. We felt that the small and special Cataldo community would be a much better fit for junior high than a large public middle school.  And what a great fit it was!  The teachers and administrators are incredibly engaged with the kids – and the parents – and create a nurturing, faith-based learning environment in a safe space, while still encouraging academic excellence.  There truly isn’t another environment like the “Cataldo community.” Our daughter has now joined and is thriving as well, both academically and emotionally.  We can’t recommend
Cataldo enough!



At the center of everything we do at Cataldo is our faith. Cataldo plays an integral role in the ministry of St. Augustine Parish and we integrate our Catholic faith into all aspects of school life. 


  • Religious education class at every grade level, including preschool.

  • Weekly Mass, prayer services, daily morning, noon,  and meal-time prayer reinforce a deep relationship with God.

  • Special events such as Stations of the Cross, Passion Play, and Seder Meal (6th grade) demonstrate to students our commitment to the church and to the historical aspect of religion.



Cataldo Catholic School is a fully accredited K-8 program that provides a multi-faceted approach to academic excellence. Our students are taught in traditional classroom settings that incorporate experiential learning. Attention is given to the whole child. Faith, community, fun, and rigorous standards combine to offer an environment that nurtures the scholar within.


Cataldo’s community service program promotes awareness of social justice issues, builds compassion among the Cataldo community, and provides life-changing experiences for all students, volunteers, and recipients of services. The program is an essential part of our Catholic Identity that gives an opportunity to live our Catholic faith through providing service to others.

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