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Cataldo Catholic School at St Augustine


Cataldo’s counseling program is both developmental and preventative and is integrated within the total school program.

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It assists students in developing the skills they need to enhance their spiritual, educational and social development. 

The counseling program at Cataldo includes lessons and activities conducted throughout all grade levels and taught separately or integrated into other curriculum areas. Mary Schmid, our counselor, works within the classrooms presenting lessons every other week to every class in preschool through 8th grade.  Individual counseling is also part of the program, as is assessment and referral services. 


The counseling program supports strong social and emotional skills that can positively affect student relationships with family, friends, and community. It supports academic achievement through building intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and an internal locus of control.

Meet Ms. Mary Schmid

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Mary Schmid


Mary earned a Master of Education, Social and Behavioral Health Sciences with an emphasis in Social Emotional Learning from Whitworth University and her Bachelor of Applied Science in Counseling Educational Developmental Psychology from Eastern Washington University.  Mary served at Providence Health Services as a Certified Mental Health Therapist from 2007-2021 providing intensive inpatient therapeutic treatment for adolescents and intensive outpatient behavior modification programs for 5–12-year-olds.

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