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Cataldo Catholic School at St Augustine


One test does not fit all.

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Cataldo Catholic School is a fully accredited K-8 program that provides a multi-faceted approach to academic excellence. Our students are taught in traditional classroom settings that incorporate experiential learning. Attention is given to the whole child. Faith, community, fun, and rigorous standards combine to offer an environment that nurtures the scholar within.

Cataldo has an historic view of child development. We promote academic success commensurate with each student’s potential and hold high expectations for student behavior and decision making. A multifaceted program targets the uniqueness of every child.

Integrated Technology

At Cataldo we no longer adhere to the idea that technology is merely a tool. Calculators and yardsticks are tools, whereas technology is more like an entire workshop. We provide students with a ‘workshop’ full of tools and a place to come together to build knowledge. Learning is a social task and we seek to expand students’ thinking by transforming teaching and learning through the use of technology.

Our school ‘workshop’ houses LCD projectors and document cameras in every homeroom. All teachers have a laptop that is used to integrate the technology in the classroom. Additionally, Cataldo offers one to one computing for our students, with iPads and Chromebooks available for every student. This provides remediation and acceleration, practice, collaboration, creation, application, and implementation of skills learned through our various curriculum on the Google platform.


Cataldo follows the Diocese of Spokane curriculum. Click here for more information.

Developing Strength, Confidence and Character

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