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Cataldo Catholic School at St Augustine


At the cornerstone of everything that we do at Cataldo is our faith. Every lesson given, after school program offered, special event, and communication are administered and taught through the lens of our faith.

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Cataldo Catholic School is a faith community that recognizes and supports “parents as the most influential agents of catechesis for their children” (To Teach as Jesus Did, Section 52, NCCB, 1973).  The school community provides a Christ-like atmosphere where students develop their God given potential and learn to respect the dignity of all.  The community models the values and principles it instills in its students.


Catholic schools have had an enormous impact in the United States and around the world by providing faith-based schools and universities with the highest of academic standards. Cataldo is proud to be one of the 5,638 elementary schools in the U.S.. The rich tradition of Catholic education spans continents and generations ~ we look forward to 100 more years! (For recent statistics on Catholic schools in America, visit the National Catholic Education Association website.)


Religious education class exists at every grade level, including preschool.

Weekly Mass, prayer services, morning and meal-time prayer reinforce a deep relationship with God.


Special events such as Stations of the Cross, Passion Play, and Seder Meal (6th grade) demonstrate to students our commitment to the church and to the historical aspect of religion.

Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental preparation is a function of the individual parishes. Cataldo will provide information regarding registration and upcoming events at St. Augustine’s, Sacred Heart, and The Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes via our InTouch weekly newsletter, but we respect that the pastors want children to celebrate sacraments with their Parish Family and the children there who may not attend Catholic school.

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