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Cataldo Catholic School at St Augustine


While Cataldo middle school students have the good fortune of continuing their education through 8th grade at one location and serving as true leaders to the younger children ...

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we make certain your student will be prepared for high school both academically and socially. Students move throughout the day to allow teachers specializing in mathematics, science, and language arts to provide the advanced scholastic program this age requires. Unique community service, faith enrichment, and social outings provide important  age-appropriate personal development opportunities.

Middle School Offerings

  • Advanced math placement where appropriate

  • Vibrant community service program

  • Leadership program

  • Faith and leadership retreats

  • Robust offering of electives

  • All-school parochial dances, held monthly at local Catholic schools (7th & 8th grade)

  • Trip to Nature Bridge in Olympic National Park (8th grade)

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